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Yilport Terminals: Global Logistics Center Integrates Business

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Author(s): Mark Wootton, Chief Information Officer and Cem Goktas Director of Global Logistics Center, Yilport Holding, Turkey

Yilport’s journey started in 2004, when Chairman Robert Yuksel Yildirim envisioned bringing world-class terminal service to his hometown in Turkey.

The success story began at Yilport Gebze, and expanded to deliver a high standard of terminal operation worldwide. Yilport Holding Inc. was established in August, 2011 as a subsidiary of the Yildirim Group, become the first private terminal operator in Turkey.

Today, Yilport Holding operates 20 marine ports and terminals globally: five in Turkey, seven in Portugal, two in Spain, two in Sweden, one in Peru, one in Malta, one in Norway, and one in Ecuador. In addition, Yilport operates six dry terminals: five in Turkey and one in Sweden.

Yilport Holding’s port interests are well-diversified, bringing a new vision to investing in and operating ports worldwide. The company has successfully managed this rapid expansion by establishing an international team backed by centralized support systems and an intense focus on training.

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