Wireless Technologies for Intermodal Operations



LXE Inc., Norcross, GA, USA


White paper summary

Today’s port environment has changed significantly in the last three decades since LXE started servicing ports in 1980. It is no longer a matter of merely moving  containers off ships and onto another mode of transportation. Today’s supply networks are highly complex. Retailers and consignees of freight are looking at them as complete networks where the intervening lengths may be changed to serve their particular cost and delivery needs.

The main challenges facing ports worldwide are more cargo, ships, agility, security and visibility, and less space, time, energy, environmental impact and complexity. All these factors are leading to an increasing need for information beyond the identification and movement of containers.

Many cur rent management systems have been developed as independent solutions from top to bottom. Over time, additional systems have been deployed to provide OCR, RTLS, RFID, voice and video. However, each of these applications typically has its own infrastructure and protocols, and its own devices…

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