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“We are well aware that time is money.”

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Author(s): David Gledhill, Chief Executive Officer, Hutchison Ports (UK) Limited.

“The Port of Felixstowe is the UK’s largest container port and the only one in the UK equipped to handle the next generation of container vessels. In addition to container traffic, Felixstowe also handles a significant quantity of RoRo traffic with Northern Europe.

“The UK economy is dependent upon imports and a very wide range of products are imported through Felixstowe. One of the advantages of Felixstowe for importers and exporters is that they can connect with just about every overseas market through the port.

“Berths 8&9 are the first phase of a project to refurbish and redevelop facilities in the southern part of the port. Ultimately, the project will provide an additional 1,285 metres of quay. Berths 8&9 provide the first 730 metres of quay dredged, initially, to 16 metres alongside but we have designed and built the terminal to allow this to be increased to 18 metres as and when required.

“The other factor behind the development of Berths 8&9 has been the drive by the world’s major shipping lines to secure economies of scale. Every week we are seeing new vessels of 12,000 TEU, 14,000 TEU and soon 18,000 TEU. We are wholly committed to providing our customers with the facilities they require and there is a clear requirement for terminal capacity for the largest ships. Berths 8&9 provide that capacity.

“From a customer perspective, it is also important that these facilities can be accessed with minimum deviation from the main shipping routes. We are well aware that time is money, and that schedule reliability is crucial, and these new facilities will help our customers provide the efficient and reliable service that shippers rightly demand.

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