We Are Smarter But Are We Safer?



Captain Richard W A Brough B.A., O.B.E., Head of ICHCA International


Captain Richard W A Brough takes a closer look at the safety of port operations in an age of increasing technological development.

At CTAC 2018, I told the audience that for a port or terminal to fulfil its needs and be futureproof it needed 5 things all beginning
with “S”. That is to be ‘Safe’, ‘Smart’ (and there is much focus on this at the moment), ‘Secure’, ‘Sustainable’, and ‘Skilled’.

At present, IoT is connecting billions of sensors, pieces of machinery and data points, and that means there are billions of opportunities for cyber-attackers. On top of that, the physical security of goods and data is just as important.

In an ever-changing world of energy efficiency, reductions in GHGs and so forth, we need to be sustainable and move ever closer to zero emissions and the circular economy.

Many ports and terminals will also be focussed on financial stability as investment decisions become ever more complex.

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