Utilising the latest broadband mobile technology for port security



The Port of Turku, Finland


The Port of Turku is utilising the latest broadband mobile technology for guarding and securing its port area.

The Port’s Mobile Video Surveillance project created a system in which the digital camcorder carried by the Port’s Security Manager transmits video and audio information wirelessly through a WiMAX network to the Port’s control room and, if necessary, further to other authorities and  experts.

The connection works in both directions. The solution enables quick and flexible reactions to the changing security situations in the Port.


Security in the Port means above all anticipation and prevention of dangerous situations, such as fires and oil spills, as well as guarding of the area to prevent access by unauthorised persons.

It must be possible to react quickly and with efficient measures based on correct information to any arising situations.

The transport of various flammable liquids and corrosive and environmentally harmful substances are supervised carefully, and the goods are stored in the area built in accordance with the IMDG regulations.

Surveillance system

The Port of Turku was among one of the first to introduce an IP-based, digital video surveillance system that utilises the wireless WiMAX broadband service.

The previous surveillance solution was based on fixed surveillance points. There was a need to expand the video surveillance over the entire port area, to exceptional situations and as a daily tool for the Port’s Security Manager.


Reijo Toivonen, Financial Manager of the Port of Turku, states that wireless…

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