Using IoT to Combat Smuggling and Theft in Containerized Transport



Gerwin Zomer, Senior Advisor Logistics, TNO, The Hague, The Netherlands Robin Puthli, Founder, Babbler, Utrecht, The Netherlands


International supply chains are extended and complex. Many logistics service providers have tight margins and limited visibility in the end-to-end success of a shipment. The sheer volume of containers moving around the world creates opportunities for smugglers and counterfeiters. Theft of goods is an obvious problem, but quality loss, socalled shrinkage, or waste due to containers being breached, is less noticeable. For some commodities, a lack of supply chain integrity can result in the loss of sales as buyers of goods only pay for products on arrival due to the risk of damage or loss in the supply chain. Regardless of their role, all supply chain actors have a common interest in preventing delays arising from theft and smuggling through emerging Internet of Things (IoT) technology for the port container sector. 

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