Use of coatings to control corrosion of maritime structures



SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings, Pittsburgh, PA, USA



Structural steel is used in most maritime structures because it is strong, readily available, and not excessive costly.

Unfortunately, marine environments present severe and costly corrosion problems for steel structures such as piling in port facilities.

Protective coatings constitute the most cost-effective method of protecting marine structures from corrosion.

They do this by providing a barrier between the steel and the aggressive marine environment.

Severe marine environmental conditions

Marine environmental conditions that accelerate corrosion and degradation include moisture, salt water, oxygen, ultraviolet light, and high temperatures.

These ambient conditions may not only significantly accelerate corrosion, but they may also degrade protective coating systems.

Moisture: Moisture in marine air often condenses on marine structures where it accelerates corrosion and deteriorates coatings.

Thus, a coating system…

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