US Refinery expansion employs new ship loader design



Johan Johansson, BRUKS Group, Georgia, USA


As part of the efforts to increase refinery capacity in the US, Total Petrochemicals is in the process of expanding the production capacity of their Port Arthur, Texas, refinery. This US$2.2 billion dollar project will increase production by approximately 30 per cent. A new coke export terminal, developed by the TGS Development Group of Houston, Texas, will be included in the expansion, and operated by the Kinder Morgan Terminal Group.

The terminal will have the ability to export up to 20,000 tons per day of petroleum coke, which will be loaded onto Panamax vessels and river barges using BRUKS Rockwood ship loader technology.

The ship loader at the Port Arthur Terminal will have key features that will allow Kinder Morgan to efficiently load a variety of different vessels. The machine will be able to travel in a linear direction along the vessel’s side, which will allow for complete loading without the costly process of repositioning the vessel.

In addition, the machine will have luffing and shuttling capabilities, which will improve loading efficiencies, and ensure that hold storage areas are fully utilized. The BRUKS Rockwood design will ensure loading and transportation costs are minimized, thus increasing the profitability of the terminal operation.

The Port Arthur terminal will receive the machine completefrom BRUKS Rockwood later this year. Commissioning is expected to occur in the summer of 2010.

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