Upping the IT Ante: Adoption of Industry 4.0



Nazery Khalid, Honorary Secretary of the Association of Marine Industries of Malaysia (AMIM), Kuala Lumpur


Nazery Khalid assesses the key drivers of technological change within the maritime industry and looks forward to the future of the sector.

Technology of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, dubbed Industry 4.0, is changing the way containers are loaded and discharged at ports.

Digitalization, featuring the use of big data, artificial intelligence and automati on, is triggering profound changes, which are redefining the landscape of the maritime industry and the way ships and cargos are handled at ports.

Increasing reliance on sophisticated technologies for operating ports more efficiently, productively, safely and in a more environmentally friendly way, as well as in a more cost competitive manner, is in keeping with the Industry 4.0 revolution.

The emergence of ‘smart ports’ is a manifestation of port operators’ adaptation to today’s innovation-driven business landscape. More and more port operators have aligned their business with a technology-focus in order to increase their competitiveness and also to position themselves for reaping future growth opportunities.

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