Upgrading to Automated Guided Vehicles



VDL Containersystemen, Hapert, Netherlands


A modern container handling terminal requires more and more use of automated technology. Aspects like efficiency and impact on the environment set difficult targets for engineering a terminal. Two years ago the need arose for a new generation of automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) that could fully meet today's standards and values, with a focus on life cycle cost reduction, improved reliability and less impact on the environment.

VDL was approached with the question whether it was possible for them to develop an AGV, according to the wishes of the customer and which would meet the environmental requirements. By using all available knowledge and production techniques based on existing technologies, sourced from within the VDL Groep, and several key suppliers, VDL succeeded in 12 months to create their first hybrid AGV. In October 2011 this AGV was delivered at the ECT Delta terminal in Rotterdam. Three months of extensive testing, 24 hours a day outside the regular operation to guarantee the quality and reliability targets had to be met, then the VDL AGV was deployed in the operational Port in Rotterdam.

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