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TT Club identifies where to focus on loss prevention

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Author(s): Laurence Jones, Director, Global Risk Assessment, TT Club

Analysis of insurance claims

Data used in the analysis was based on the 2006 calendar year, covering all TT Club members (over 2000) which include over 400 Ports and Terminals globally. The data is based on claims records under claim rule ‘Handling Equipment’ and ‘Property.’ Some equipment damage is categorised under other rules, so there will be more equipment claims than are shown in this analysis. However, it highlights the salient issues.

Claim cause types

When analysing all claims, they can be categorised into four high level cause types:

• Human error (due to any person working on site – includes ships, contractors and outside truck drivers)

• Equipment failure (normally due to poor maintenance procedures)

• Weather (some claims due to weather can be prevented but not all)

• Miscellaneous – normally beyond the terminals control (eg. flatrack of bricks collapsed onto fork; load in container shifted; tines on fork snapped due to faulty manufacture)

This is not new to most people. In fact when analysing all claims, not just equipment damage claims, human error accounts for 80 per cent to 90 per cent

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