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Trialling the Tantalising Potential of 5G

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Author(s): Trevor Anderson, Director of Infrastructure and Business Transformation, Belfast Harbour

While historically ports may not have been renowned for their early adoption of technology, today the opposite is true.

Even a cursory look at any modern port’s strategic plan will quickly reveal terms such as Smart Port and digital transformation – Belfast Harbour is no exception.

Belfast Harbour’s long-term strategy, ‘A Vision to 2035: A Port for Everyone’, is to be the region’s gateway for trade and tradeable services. We also want to develop an iconic waterfront for Belfast that will be a stand-out international destination. To achieve this we’ve identified five themes, including the creation of Smart Port, to guide our development.

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Connecting Ports With 5G

PTI Edition 96 • Digital Only
While 5G continues to make headlines for average consumers, from an industry perspective ports and terminals are now exploring how 5G can help enhance operations.

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