Transas: Mastering Core Port Activities



Christopher Loizou, Chief Operating Officer, Transas Marine Limited


What are the essential factors implicit in sound port operations?

As part of the world trade system, ports are complex entities. Efficient operational management aimed at improved performance and quality of services is essential. From our side as a manufacturer, it is important to clearly understand the organisation of a port, respective stakeholder relationships, the commercial and management challenges ports are facing, as well as the KPI’s to which the port monitors its performance. Once we’ve ascertained this we can provide port management and information solutions built on a sound foundation that are adaptable to a specific port’s needs. Real-time planning and fully integrated management of major port operations and related business processes including vessel call management, team management, allocation of cargo handling equipment, as well as invoicing and detailed management are crucial factors for a port to achieve a competitive advantage.

What do you think is the biggest single issue affecting ports and terminals today?

The need to reconfigure service offerings along with cargo handling operations have become the critical issues of today. Larger ships are being built, multi-purpose vessels are more prominent than ever, and it is important for ports to be able to adapt fast to these changes. The transformation in scale has hugely improved the efficiency of container transport, thereby allowing shipping companies to reduce number of voyages while carrying the same cargo or even more.

However, ports and terminals occasionally …

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