Training seafarers: nautical studies for the development of LNG terminals



Jose R. Iribarren, General Manager; Ismael Verdugo, Technical Director; Luis López, Project Manager; Captain Carlos B. Cal, Nautical Advisor, Siport21


LNG operations at ports are made viable by the interaction of three main factors:

• The vessel (with propulsion and steering characteristics, capacity, onboard equipment, sensitivity to environmental agents, etcetera)

• The physical environment (vertical and horizontal dimensions of fairways and basins, meteorological and maritime conditions)

• The human factor (masters and officers, pilots, tug masters, VTS operators)

Therefore, in the design process of port infrastructure, or in definition of operational conditions, all three elements must be taken into account. It will only be possible to reach an adequate safety and operability level if all three factors are integrated. Nowadays, advanced simulation tools are available and allow for a precise assessment of these aspects.
Among them there are moored ship dynamic models, ship-to-ship interaction models, traffic flow simulation models, and real-time manoeuvring simulators.

Terminal design

The design of an LNG …

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