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Author(s): Dr. Cor Schipper, Expert on Sustainable Port Development and Marine Biology & Ecotoxicology, Deltares

Ongoing trends such as global trade growth and the need to modernise port facilities are driving urgent investments in ports; not keeping pace with these changes will mean a loss of trade and competitive market position.

Nowadays, the main motivation for research in such port developments is often to find opportunities which facilitate co-creation of sustainable or ‘green’ initiatives. However, some activities related to port development negatively impact our portcities and delta ecosystems. Port projects are confronted by a growing scarcity of prime locations, increasing environmental constraints, limited space for expansion, along with the uncertain impacts of climate change and fundamental changes in ICT systems.  

In port development, we recognise that conflict quite frequently occurs between various stakeholders; between port users and the port authority. In order to ensure the feasibility and success of port development plans, it is essential to create awareness of how multiple and cumulative uses can affect and enhance port-city infrastructure systems and ecosystems…

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