Towards Digital Maturity



Wolfgang Lehmacher, Thought Leader & Advisor, Hong Kong


The digital ideas and visions are not new. New is their level of maturity. There has been an overwhelming amount of technology hype, but also a growing understanding that digitization will play a critical role in the logistics and terminal industry.

Digitization is becoming a core component of business and business strategy. This ensures that the acceleration of the development and convergence of technologies into a broad range of powerful solutions will only continue.

While start-ups give most of the impetus, incumbents like Maersk and HHLA, Kuehne & Nagel and DSV are gradually digitizing their processes.

With rising investments in learning and experimenting, but also into collective efforts to reach standardization and interoperability. Now, digital solutions are ripe for scale. However, this requires that stakeholders in the logistics and terminal industries overcome their deeply rooted fears when it comes to true collaboration in the individual and common interest and the exchange of data.

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