TOS Systems to Drive Bulk Boom



David Trueman, Sales Director, DBIS


Unlike the container terminal environment, where using a terminal operating system (TOS) is a standard prerequisite, the bulk and general cargo sectors are so operationally diverse that the market place for TOS systems is still not clearly established.

A survey of the sector would reveal numerous terminals using spreadsheets, others using in house or bespoke packages and a few using proprietary systems from established, specialist providers. Because of this diversity few software companies have been able to establish a global footprint, although the industry’s understanding of the advantages of using proprietary software is finally beginning to change.

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Bulk cargo inventory is measured in many ways at many points along the supply chain and can change due to spillage, moisture loss/gain and accidental co-mingling. Inaccuracy and inconsistency in weighing equipment and draft surveys plus the possibility of losses through poor recording of paper weigh tickets has created an environment where terminals are often nervous of sharing too much information with their customers, and therefore the benefits afforded by standard EDI messaging, automatically scheduled reports and other information…

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