TOS Innovation: Reducing Cost and Maximising Efficiency



Harry Nguyen, CEO, RBS, Sydney, Australia


The container terminal industry is undergoing a lot of changes. The Panama and Suez Canals are expanding, terminal equipment is getting increasingly automated, or at least semi-automated, and terminals and vessels are getting bigger and bigger. The 19,000 TEU mark has recently been cracked by CSCL, and there is more to come in the near future. However, processes are still run rather traditionally and involve a lot of paper and manual work. Driving process automation requires a TOS that does not put any constraints on a terminal’s objectives and optimisation targets. Automated vessel planning and automated yard planning have been in place for a long time already, yet even automated vessel planning is a rather static process in a dynamic environment.

Berth planning optimisation

Berth planning at large terminals with a high number of vessel visits has become highly complex due to the increased volume of vessels and number of discharge and load containers to be handled in a given time frame. In response to such demand and expectation, TOPX-Expert supports an automated berth planning function that gives terminal management and planners the best tool on the market to automatically assign and optimise berth and crane planning….

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