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Author(s): Björn Henriksson, Global Technology Manager, ABB Ports, Västerås, Sweden

Read an excerpt and download an exclusive paper from ABB below. In the paper, Björn Henriksson, Global Technology Manager of ABB Ports states that in adapting to a new maritime landscape, ABB believe operators have to utilise automation and IT solutions in order to safely navigate the peaks and troughs coming from mega-ships. In their eyes, it is “time to distribute intelligence in container terminals” as “it is essential to be able to toggle between low activity and high peak periods”.

Many terminal operators are currently making the necessary investments to meet the challenge of larger ships and the subsequent higher peaks of containers that need to be handled. It is essential to be able to toggle between low activity and high peak periods. Clearly, container terminals will need to keep on top of productivity under these circumstances in order to stay competitive. In adapting to the new operating environment, automation and information technologies play the key role.

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