The Pearl-Qatar redefines luxury



United Development Company, Doha, Qatar


Since ancient times, Qatar has been famous for its pearling banks with its seabed and warm shallow waters, conditions favourable to the growth of pearl-bearing oysters and the creation of the finest pearls found anywhere in the world.

Pearling was the mainstay of the Qatari economy until the early 1950s and its cultural and maritime heritage continues to be a source of great national pride and identity.

Today, the same pearling banks are yielding a magnificent new treasure, The Pearl-Qatar, a Riviera style multi-billion dollar manmade island poised to become the most fashionable address in the Middle East and internationally, as its phased construction is completed over the next few years.

Undertaken by United Development Company (UDC), The Pearl is also redefining Qatar as a destination of choice for discerning investors commensurate with the economic and cultural ambitions of the State as it positions itself to become one of the world’s most advanced nations.

The multi-billion dollar offshore residential island will have 32 km of reclaimed coastline, including 20 km of pristine white sandy beaches. Developed 350 metres offshore from the prestigious West Bay lagoon, The Pearl-Qatar will be connected to the mainland by an eight-lane highway flanked by palm trees.


Construction of The Pearl-Qatar with its array of unsurpassed facilities is advancing on all fronts; including dredging, reclamation and construction with the first residents on target to move in by the end of 2007. When completed, it will cover 985 acres (400 hectares) of reclaimed land sited on a former pearl diving reef. The Pearl will be two-thirds the size of Gibraltar, an inspirational location that heralds a revival of fortune once again for these shallow waters of the Arabian Sea. The Pearl-Qatar is Qatar’s first international real estate venture and one of the largest real estate developments of its kind ever undertaken in the country.

Designed to be a destination of outstanding natural beauty… 

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