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The Next Generation: The Vision of PSA

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Author(s): Ong Kim Pong, PSA

Technology has revolutionized both PSA and the broader port sector in recent years. The once manual, labour-intensive industry is increasingly being renewed by automation and the use of cutting-edge technologies in providing world-class service to shipping line customers and making a big leap in container terminal productivity. In line with this shift, the profile of the port worker has also transformed.

Port professionals today and going forward will need to be tech-savvy, skilful, innovative and adaptable. Individuals who are able to leverage sophisticated technologies alongside the organization, and create a great workplace that enables everyone to excel, will be well-placed in PSA. Preparing our port professionals to be future-ready is the key mission as PSA undertakes this transformation journey into the future.

A fully-owned subsidiary of global port operator PSA International, PSA Singapore

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