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The New Era of Container Ports: The Industrial Internet

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Author(s): Sampo Pihkala, Product Manager: Industrial Internet, Konecranes Port Cranes, Hyvinkaa, Finland

A new era is beginning in the container handling industry thanks to the rise of the Industrial Internet, the world’s hyper-connectivity, and the automation of container terminal operations. New business and operating models are being revealed that offer great opportunities. With that new risks are also being revealed. Opportunities can be exploited and risks can be minimised by building a sound IT network architecture.
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The Industrial Internet (more commonly called the Internet of Things) is the next phase in the period of evolution that began with the industrial revolution and continued with the Internet/IT/digital revolution. The Internet has been profoundly changing our way of life over recent years. People are now more connected, privately and professionally, than ever before in human history. This dynamic is now moving, thanks to advances in communication technology and connectivity, to the world of machines…
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