The Future: Serious Gaming in Automated Terminals



Dr Yvo A. Saanen, Managing Director, TBA, Delft, Netherlands; Mariëtte E. Koekoek, Project Manager, TBA, Delft, Netherlands


Serious gaming: effective and engaging

Learning by doing with simulation games is the upcoming training method of this century. By practicing serious games that recreate real-life complex situations, port operators can familiarise themselves with high-risk scenarios. Serious games are already being utilised for training purposes in the military, in space-training, in government crisis handling, for industrial equipment handling, business strategy, logistics and more recently, in the medical domain. The advancement in IT, virtual reality and gaming has made it possible to develop at relative low cost complex games. In a 2011 meta study, which summarised the results of 65 studies, it was proven that factual knowledge is increased by 11% in trainees taught with simulation games compared to people using traditional training methods. Furthermore, procedural knowledge is 14% higher, retention is 9% higher, and self-efficacy is 20% higher. TBA has a long history of using serious games for training purposes. We have created business games focused on maritime terminals, as well as interactive, dynamic planning games aimed at teaching planners and operational controllers the finesses of optimised planning and execution. The next step is for TBA to take the training simulation experience onto the next level. TBA wants to offer clients a fully immersive training experience in the 3D simulation game, offering an experience as near to real-life as possible. This innovation can directly improve the daily performance in automated terminals worldwide.

Automation = higher productivity

In 2015, several fully automated …

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