The evolution of the Marimatech Viking Hook



Marimatech AS, Hinnerup, Denmark


In 1989, Marimatech began the manufacturing of laser docking systems and since then has grown to become the largest supplier of such systems worldwide. When projects required the inclusion of quick release hooks (QRH), Marimatech cooperated with international manufacturers to provide a complete solution.

Over the last five years, there has been a growing market demand for totally integrated systems, which include laser docking systems, QRH, moor ing load monitor ing and environmental monitoring systems. Accordingly, Marimatech made a strategic decision to launch their own line of QRH named Viking Hooks, symbolising Scandinavian design, longevityand robustness.

Launching the Viking Hook

Previous experience with other QRH manufactures meant that Marimatech’s designers were able to collate the best features from several hooks to create a quality of QRH that’s never been seen before. The design also includes strength calculations and a factory pull test because the mooring hooks are a vital component when a tanker is moored alongside a jetty.

The Viking Hook range is based on standard models, ranging from single to quadruple hook stations with capacities of 25 to 200 tons; however, many customers require specific features to meet their solution criteria. On its website, Marimatech has a ‘QRH Configurator’, enabling customers to assemble their own hooks according to preference.

The manufacturing process starts elsewhere in Europe, with the construction of the QRH steel base, before being sent to Marimatech’s facilities in Hinnerup where assembling can take place. The calibre of manufacture means the Viking Hook has a three-year warranty included as standard, which is exclusive to the marketplace.

The Viking Hook can range from simple applications for small oil jetties, where a basic release feature is needed, to the new LNG terminals requiring complex solutions. These solutions may include capstan, electrical release, mooring load monitoring and alarm functions.

Becoming a major player

During the last two years, Marimatech has risen to become the largest supplier of mooring systems for LNG projects, and in 2009 more than 350 hooks were manufactured at the Danish facilities. One such project is Cameron LNG in the Calcasieu Channel, 18 miles from the Gulf of Mexico in Hackberry, Louisiana, USA, where two receiving terminals and 20 hook stations were supplied.

Marimatech is currently developing a new feature, which will make the hook operation more user friendly. Although quick release hooks are an old invention, constant development is needed; taking this tried and tested technology into the future.

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