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The Economic Contribution of Ports and Terminals

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Author(s): Willie Coetsee, Senior Manager: Strategy, Transnet Port Terminals, South Africa

Globalisation has resulted in the sourcing of goods from any location in the world, and this enablement has also lead to a competitive shift in the basis of a port’s competitive advantage. Ports can no longer place reliance solely on their strategic geographical location or a country’s endowment alone in order to maintain economic dominance; a port’s ability to remain competitive today hinges on its ability to compliment and contribute to the competitive position of a country’s holistic supply chain its boundaries.

This imperative requires investment in infrastructure and technology on the one hand, and cost cutting and lean operational business practices on the other, with an added commitment to play a coordinator role between different supply chain stakeholders.

South Africa

Transnet is the largest link in the South African freight logistics chain. Every day the company delivers thousands of tonnes of goods in and around South Africa through its freight network of sea ports, rail corridors and fuel pipelines. At the port, cargo is moved onto vessels for export and unloaded for import. The state-owned…

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