The Future of Autonomous Horizontal Transport



DG World


AHTs’ will create new age of fast, inexpensive and convenient transportation, with impacts reverberating far beyond the confines of the trucking industry. Efficiency. Technological prowess. Safety concerns.
Public policy catch-up efforts, new jobs created, old jobs destroyed.

In many respects, the future of autonomous trucking is the future of work, posing some of the biggest and most important business, technological, societal and ethical questions surrounding the world of automation, algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) and this will be posing a good opportunity for business leaders, technology strategists and public policy
proponents to assess how to successfully manage the transition to help leaders navigate the road ahead.

The essential condition for the use of autonomous vehicles in mixed traffic is that the vehicle can perform all driving tasks under all conditions and in all situations. So, this concept can only be applied with level 4 and 5 automation.

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