The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Port Security in the 21st Century



Richard Westgarth, Head of Campaigns, BMT


As we enter the third decade of the 21st Century, our ports and terminal are facing a dynamic if not turbulent future.

They are being assailed on all fronts by transformational changes in technology, business models, the advent of autonomous systems, decarbonisation, the changing nature of trade and trade patterns including a rapidly diversifying workforce, all resulting from the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We are seeing ever closer integration throughout supply chains alongside the rise of the digital and data economies enabled by high speed interconnectivity.

With this transformation, we are faced with ever evolving and challenging issues around security and resilience, driven by the pace of this change. As a transitioning sector we now need to adopt highly agile and progressive approaches to security in a collaborative manner working with our colleagues in other areas of the transport sector.

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