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Terminal Automation Platforms: Open Interfaces

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Author(s): Timo Lehto, Jari Hamalainen, Heimo Poutanen, Kalmar, Finland

Editor's note: This paper is a shorter version of a full length white paper which will be available on the PTI website shortly. 

This paper argues for a systemic approach in designing a terminal automation platform. A key feature of such a platform is the availability of open interfaces that enable terminal operators to customize their automation deployments and allow third-party developers to provide their own offerings that are interoperable with the automation platform.

Kalmar will open up the applicationindependent core software components of the Kalmar terminal automation system (TLS) with Kalmar Platform keys, for use by developers. This will enable customers to tailor their automation system with the help of a third-party partner in ways that were previously not possible – for example, by extending the system with any brand of equipment. Platform Keys will be complemented with higher level Kalmar Application Keys. Kalmar will publish first keys in June this year.


In order for terminal automation to develop to the next level in speed of deployment and operational efficiency a significantly…

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