Tecnoport2025: Building the IoT-Connected Future in the Port of Seville



Antonio Torralba, Eduardo Hidalgo, José Maria Peral-López and María García, Department of Electronic Engineering, The Electronic Engineering Group, University of Seville, Spain


The Port of Seville is the only inland seaport in Spain. It is a core port within the Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T), being part of the Mediterranean Corridor. It is located on the 80 kilometre Guadalquivir EuroWay waterway that runs from Seville to the coast and forms part of the TEN-T. But the Port of Seville is also an important logistics hub that serves a population of over one million people, maintaining a dominant position in certain logistic corridors, especially in the Madrid-Seville-Canary Islands corridor. Being an inland port facilitates cargo access to the city of Seville and the surrounding area, but it also introduces some major problems related to the navigability in the estuary, as the shallow depth of the waterway limits the size of vessls calling at the port. 

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