Tamper evident and security control systems



Anthony Shupin, CEO, Allied Security Innovations, Inc., USA


Protecting swing doors on trailers and containers requires both an indicative seal as well as a barrier device. It is recommended that any indicative seal possesses certain properties such as customisation, unique numbering, adhering in all types of weather to steel or fiberglass doors and immediate recognition of penetration through self voiding or removal. All of these are addressed by the CGMAST

Door Protection Seal.

The Door Protection Seal is completely customisable, but, typically made of 1 mil polyester with a solvent based acrylic adhesive system suitable for out of doors applications. The label can be provided sequentially numbered in rolls and typically on 3″ cores. It can also be provided in single sheet, multiples of the same number for multiple door applications on the same shipment, different colours, in any face graphic, with any language on the hidden side and with special features such as hidden circuitry.

The Door Protection Seal is easy to apply to the door seams. It is robust yet flexible enough to withstand normal trailer or container transit conditions. The adhesive can be removed with a simple solvent or with a dry rag if applied to a previously cleaned surface. Special order ‘NO REZ™’ Seals are available, which trigger without leaving a residue. The seals are typically coloured red and 4 x 13 inches in size, making them highly visible and easy to monitor, apply and remove.

A clear chain of custody is an imperative in any security system. By using the Door Protection Seals, visual inspection prior to signing a bill of lading can be a tremendous asset. It can save thousands in mysterious disappearance situations or identify problems prior to accepting a container into your site.
When combined with TESCON© (Tamper Evident and Security Control System), an imaging system designed to recognise triggered seals, automatically, utilising the latest in Scan- Target recognition and matching, the Door Protection Seals are a valuable layer in a security protocol and may increase traffic flowspeed. Using  TESCON© provides an easily recognisable container tampering evidence at critical points throughout the container transport process.

Door Protection Seals need to be considered one element in a security protocol for swing door trailers and sea containers. CGM-AST also provides a suite of customisable, ISO approved cables, Navalocks and related devices, which, when used as barrier components, make the system complete.

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