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Sustainability Transition: The Promise of Digitalization

Since enabling technologies such as sensors, communication, data storage, advanced modelling and simulation have become cheaper and more reliable, digitalization has become a buzzword in shipping. The new information and communication technologies (ICT) are expected to make shipping ‘safer, smarter, greener’ and altogether more sustainable.

The substantial environmental footprint of shipping operations has been arguably difficult to address due to the industry’s transboundary nature, in particular due to the existence of a so-called regulatory gap and weak compliance with existing regulation. What are the opportunities – and the limitations – of a sustainability transition in the shipping industry enabled by the new ICT?

Since the 1960s, a complex architecture of international, regional and national agreements have been implemented in order to protect oceans (and the species…

Dr Daria Gritsenko, Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki

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