Supply chain security and integrated solutions for ports



Werner Krüdewagen, Security Systems, Siemens Building Technologies, Zug, Switzerland


Fusion of sensors, images and data

The ISPS code as well as the more advanced national and international initiatives and programmes (e.g. CSI, C-TPAT, WCO/ AEO etc.) are requiring changes in  maritime security concepts. The more static approach of ISPS security measures (port areas, vessels etc.) needs to be enhanced through dynamic solutions, which connect the infrastructure of multiple stakeholders in the supply chain.

The fusion of security sensors, images and data is a major challenge for modern maritime  security management: it requires a technical and collaborative interoperability. This article is highlighting some of the related technology trends in port security.

IT-Backbones and Command&Control systems

Modern port security is growing into the area of data management and open communication standards between the process partners. The foundation for such a state of the art concept is laid by a professional and scalable IT-Backbone. Multi-Business-Stakeholder environments like ports will need to differentiate between the need  for core platforms for open communication and ‘interoperabilitysupport’ and the wish of the stakeholders to develop their own security and communication  environment. The IT-Backbone needs to be open for modular and individual applications from various suppliers.

Command and Control Solutions – such as integration platforms and management systems – are scalable top level applications used to operate security systems (multi-sensor and multi-client) through an over-all user interface, managing and supporting the planning and conduct of security operations.

Smart terminal gates and intelligent video

Terminal gates are becoming central communication nodes combining data and images from RFID-readers, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and container screening&detection devices (e.g. X-ray and nuclear detection for containers). At the Port of Rotterdam, Siemens Netherlands provided Dutch Customs with an integrated Nuclear Detection solution for terminal gates, consisting of 35 isotope detection portals and a system platform, feeding the collected data into the data processing system of the authorities.

Additionally, this approach is integrating RFID-readers for container security devices (CSD). Video analytics, motion detection, wide area surveillance are key innovation areas in video technology, making it a proactive, supporting and flexible management tool.

With its wholly owned subsidiary, VistaScape Security Systems/Atlanta, Siemens Building Technologies develops automated wide-area surveillance solutions to protect ports and airports, as well as other at-risk infrastructure. VistaScape’s Site™ software combines intelligent video surveillance and multi-sensor analysis together with an intuitive map-based graphical interface, delivering situational awareness and enabling security professionals to focus on prevention rather than reaction.

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