Sugar and steel: new break bulk attachments from Stevenel Ltd



Stevenel Ltd, Tampere, Finland


Stevenel offers professional cargo handling attachments for ports and industrial terminals to improve loading and unloading operations. The range includes attachments for use in handling pulp, sawn timber, paper reels, big bags, palletized cargo, steel products, mould and ingots.

The majority of Stevenel’s products are modularized; so many attachments are manufactured to the customer’s specification. The company offers both fully automated and also semiautomated attachments depending on the customer situations. EU directives are used in during the design stage, so CE-marking is included in all deliveries.

A large proportion of deliveries are supplied for fully hydraulic cranes, but but are also available for cable cranes.

Shoreham Port and steel handling
Shoreham Port, UK, is a good example of a modern port with effective cargo handling equipment. Shoreham Port handles timber, steel, bulk, and general and project cargoes.

“Our Sennebogen 880 EQ material handler, fitted with a rotator and hydraulically adjustable spreader beam, enables fast and efficient and controlled handling of steel products at Shoreham.

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