Successfully supplying materials handling equipment to Malaysian Ports



Richard Staudt, Project Manager & Dr. Wolpers, Executive Vice President, ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik GmbH, St. Ingbert-Rohrbach, Germany


Tanjung Bin

On August 28th, 2007, right on schedule, a Malaysian client took over the coal fired power plant at Tanjung Bin consisting of three 700 MW units and, on this occasion, both ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik (TKF) and ThyssenKrupp India received the acceptance certificate for the coal handling plant supplied and assembled in the power plant port.

The contract for building the coal handling plant was awarded to TKF in 2004.

The scope of supply included three combined bucketwheel stacker reclaimers each with a stacking capacity of 4,400 t/h and a reclaiming capacity of 1,600 t/h, and two continuous ship unloaders with a maximum unloading capacity of 2,200 t/h each. The Indian affiliate TKIIL was in charge of the complete belt conveyor system, coal preparation, sampling installations and the master control system.

By the time the first unit was fired in April, 2006, all of the plant components to be delivered by TKF had already been supplied, tested and put into operation. The other units were started up in March and July 2007 after they had successfully run their respective performance tests.

In August 2007, the project manager in charge, Richard Staudt, received the formal take-over for one of the biggest individual orders the Materials Handling Business  Unit has dealt with.


The take-over of Tanjung Bin by the client does not, however, put an end to the activities of Mr. Staudt and TKF in Malaysia. The TKF team and their colleagues from TKIIL have moved on and are already erecting machines and plants for another coal fired power plant at Jimah.

The Jimah power station which will have two units of 700 MW, is situated only a few kilometres from the Formula One race track at Sepang on the notorious Strait of  Malacca which links the Andaman Sea to the South China and Java Seas.

Following the excellent collaboration with TKF during the realisation of the Tanjung Bin project in 2005, the Japanese client awarded a subsequent contract to TKF for a further coal handling plant to be built at Jimah. For this contract TKF are again working in a consortium with TKII Pune/India, with TKF’s scope of supply including three combined bucketwheel stacker reclaimers, two continuous ship unloaders and the complete belt conveyor system.

The date for the first ship-unloading operation, according to the schedule, is set for May 1st, 2008. The coal bunkers of the power plant will then have to be filled for the first time, on July 15th, 2008. Presently, fabrication and assembly of the ship unloaders is being carried out at a shipyard in South China. Loading the two large machines onto the barge for shipment to Malaysia is scheduled for the beginning of the new year in order to reach their destination at the beginning of February 2008.

The three combined bucketwheel machines which were also fabricated in South China have already arrived on site as largesize components ready for final assembly. Gradually, the plant elements for the belt conveyor systems and buildings will be delivered from India.

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