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Speeding Ahead: The Effect of E-Commerce on Terminal Operations

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Author(s): Kris Kosmala, Industry Thought Leader, Rotterdam/Singapore

Barely an hour goes by without humans engaging in one or another form of e-commerce. It changed how we interact with banks, telecommunications, a plethora of service providers, and most importantly, how we buy things. Ours vision of e-commerce is embodied by a small pack age that travels fast at the touch of the checkout button in the e-commerce site.

The paper explores the effect that the demand from e-commerce is having on the supply chain and port terminal operators.

Featured in the Edition:

E-commerce Evolution

PTI Edition 94 • Digital Only
The latest eJournal explores the E-commerce Evolution and how the likes of Amazon, eBay and Alibaba are changing the landscape of the logistics supply chain.

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