Specialised multipurpose oil spill response vessels/workboats



Ro-Clean Desmi A/S, Odense, Denmark


Oil spills call for rapid response as well as specialised equipment. Oil spills also call for well trained staff for operating vessels as well as equipment for oil spill response. Furthermore it is essential that the logistics for handling the recovered oil is well organised prior to an oil spill.

Ro-Clean Desmi has always focused on alternative applications for their supplied oil spill equipment. The main reason for this versatile approach is that luckily we are living in a world where oil spills seldom take place, consequently it is essential that a multipurpose concept is adopted, especially in the case of oil recovery  vessels, thus ensuring that the boat can continue to earn its living for the owner when there is no oil spill to deal with. Most of the vessels supplied by Ro-Clean Desmi  have a catamaran type hull providing a wide, stable and safe working deck for a variety of uses. These vessels are called Pollcat Anti-Pollution Workboats.

The first multi-role Pollcat Workboat was delivered in 1983 to Sullom Voe Terminal in the Shetland Islands and she is still in use today. What is special about the  Pollcat Workboat design is that the catamaran hull allows the Oil Mop recovery system to be placed between the hulls below deck, leaving the actual deck clear for
other duties. When the vessel is not used for oil spill response the Mop Ropes are lifted clear of the water so as not to disturb the workboat’s normal operation.

When engaged in oil spill operations the lowered mops are rotated to allow dynamic oil recovery at speeds up to six knots. Pollcats are available in various sizes depending on duty required but three standard sizes 10.5m, 15.5m and 19.0m length suit most applications from harbour to inshore and offshore scenarios. On some vessels the wheelhouse is lifted to provide a larger free working deck.

Pollcats are self contained, they have built-in recovered oil storage tanks, pumping systems and can hold up to 600 metres of Ro-Boom, they can be supplied with fire fighting, dispersant spray, side sweep and debris recovery systems, as well as knuckle crane and additional comfort for the crew such as air conditioning, toilet/shower, kitchen, accommodation etc. Since the first delivery in 1983 Ro-Clean Desmi has delivered approx 40 vessels to customers around the world, each one
tailored to the customers’ specific requirements.

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