Software and steel strengthen the perimeter



Nigel Blackman, European Fencing Industry Association, Atherstone, UK


Software and steel strengthen the perimeter How the latest fencing hardware combined with advanced software is creating the most robust fencing systems yet

Total control of perimeter security at ports and associated facilities can be achieved by linking together the latest control software with robust electrified fencing – exploiting the efficiency and power of a single system that can be operated and monitored locally or remotely.

Whilst electrified fencing systems should not be used within hazardous areas – for obvious reasons they are not intrinsically safe in explosion-risk applications – they are potentially very useful in wider port environments.

“Many petro-chemical, power generation and gas storage sites are protected by electric security fences, with the perimeter zone established in safe zones beyond the hazardous area,” explained Graham Harper, MD of Harper Chalice. “There are lots of good reasons for creating these safe perimeter zones.

Most importantly the level of security you can achieve with electrified systems is much higher than with physical-only fencing. You can also get much more control, with zone monitoring and reliable intrusion detection, especially now that the fence systems can be integrated with CCTV and other security tools.

” For the user the result is a tough perimeter barrier which can be fully monitored and controlled from almost anywhere, as part of a totally integrated and seamless solution.

Integrated solutions

Informed customers and users are now specifying this sort of solution, in which total site security is monitored and controlled by proven integrated systems. The result is a seamless system extending from the control and monitoring of the perimeter through to access control, CCTV intruder and BMI systems.

These latest systems are easy to install, and can really strengthen…

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