Smart Design and Driveline Choices Help in Enhancing RTG Eco-Efficiency



Marko Rasinen, Product Manager, RTG at Kalmar


As the drive to improve environmental performance at container terminals continues to gather pace, operators are faced with several choices when it comes to expanding or renewing their rubber-tyred gantry (RTG) crane fleets in order to achieve sustainability gains.

With smart choices on both the crane base design and energy systems, the crane’s ecoefficiency can be improved considerably.

Before we start thinking about which RTG driveline is the optimal choice in terms of eco-efficient operations, there are several other design details that can help to achieve big gains in fuel efficiency.

“We have worked for decades to improve the eco-efficiency of cargo handling, and our RTG offering is a great example of this,” says Marko Rasinen, Product Manager, RTG at Kalmar.

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