Setting new standards for Quick Release Hook systems



Marimatech, Hinnerup, Denmark


Marimatech is launching their new E-Sea Hook after several years of development. The company has chosen to use the customers’ demands as a developmental starting point and combine it with the latest in technology and innovative design. The result is a thought through construction, which solves all known problems in this field. Marimatech expect that this will set new standards in this field and are so convinced about the quality of this solution that the company gives a three year guarantee on the new E-Sea Hook.

The story behind this completely new design of Quick Release Hooks (QRH) is that Marimatech observed that existing QRH solutions had a number of basic  shortcomings. They were typically based on old technology ‘developed’ in machine shops, therefore it was decided, the new design should be constructed taking all
modern technological possibilities and current customer demands, such as increased automation and user friendly and safe operation, into consideration.


Marimatech began by analysing customer’s needs and wishes, as well as the possibilities in technology, economy and safety. This analysis clearly showed that the focus must be on high reliability, minimum maintenance and a higher degree of safety when it comes to personnel, ships and harbours as well as environmental areas.

“We discovered that it typically costs an LNG tanker about US$10,000 for every hour that it is delayed in approaching a terminal to dock. At the same time many  harbours every year spend large amounts on maintaining QRH systems, for example repairing capstan motors, sensors and other problems related to
wear and tear. Last but not least, many of the old constructions lead to bad working posture and thereby a bad working environment. We have seen cases of personnel being deadly injured in connection with inadequately designed QRH solutions and mishandling of these. So there were several problems that we had to take in to consideration in our development work” says Per Bjerring, Sales Director at Marimatech.

Marimatech put together a development team that combined people with years of practical experience within navigation and harbour work with expertise within  technology, safety and design. The task of developing a QRH solution which had to not only be ‘second to none’ but also take in to consideration safety, sturdiness, reliability and was user friendly, produced contradicting demands that needed to be solved. The result has been a significantly different QRH, which not only differs through a modern design but technologically is in a league of its own.

Reliability is decisive

Reliability is completely decisive for navigation and harbours and is therefore an invariable demand for the new E-Sea Hook. Though the design and construction is new, the E-Sea Hook is mainly built with well proven standard components. The development team has focused on putting together the components in a way that gives the best functionality advantages and the highest degree of reliability.

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