Sennebogen 875: working worldwide





“Something big is headed our way,” Andre Heidkrüger of BLG Logistics must have thought as the new Sennebogen 875 mobile crane arrived at the Port of Neustadt, Bremen, in March 2014. The new port crane is a success story: Sennebogen officially introduced the 875 E-Series at Bauma 2013 (an international trade fair) as a world first. Since then the 875 has proven itself worldwide with its flexibility and ease of use.

Particularly remarkable are the various undercarriages and an intelligent energy recovery system. Meanwhile several machines are working all over the globe.

BLG Logistics: the 875 in Bremen

This is something the founders of Bremer Lagerhaus Gesellschaft would not have dared dream of back when they started the company in 1877. Over the course of more than a century, what started as a small, regional association has grown into a logistics company spanning the globe. In the mid 1990s, the BLG Logistics group grew from a local port handling company into an international logistics service provider. From shipping containers to automobiles, BLG moves material along every method of transport.

Back in Bremen, where it all began, cargo handling is still alive and well today, and with the new Sennebogen 875 mobile crane it has been given another big boost. Since mid-2014, the 875 mobile crane has been providing its services at the quay as a handling machine that is both innovative and efficient. In close cooperation with Sennebogen and dealer BRR (Baumaschinen Rhein-Ruhr), Andre Heidkrüger and his colleagues at BLG searched for the ideal machine for their wide range of needs: the 875 was what they settled on.

The 165-tonne handling machine with its mobile undercarriage is an imposing sight. A four-axle, wide-gauge undercarriage that is fully hydraulically driven allows the 875 to reach speeds…

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