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Self-Thinking Supply Chains: The Role of Ports

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Author(s): Dr. Agustina Calatayud, Inter-American Development Bank; Prof. John Mangan, University of Newcastle, UK

Many supply chains are now quicker and nimbler than ever before. Technology is truly transforming supply chain capabilities. What we have labelled the ‘self-thinking supply chain’ is helping companies as diverse as Amazon and Zume Pizza to engage in ‘anticipatory shipping’ where product is moved closer to likely customer demand.

Yet todays supply chains are also becoming increasingly complex due to the many interdependencies among supply chain partners. Many too are stretched over long distances connecting suppliers, producers and consumers across multiple geographies.

These capabilities though bring challenges. In our connected world problems in one region can quickly spread downstream and hit customer supplies many thousands of miles away.

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Smart Digital Ports

PTI Edition 89 • Digital & Print
This edition of the Journal of Ports & Terminals acts as a precursor to the Smart Digital Ports of the Future Conference in Rotterdam from the 4-6 of November. The edition features the world-leading smart ports offering an insight into their operations, globally renowned supply chain academics writing on core smart port and supply chain issues, and a host of pioneering solution providers articulating their vision for the future of ports.

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