Security technology to the rescue in trying economic times



James Smith, European Marketing Manager, Samsung Techwin Europe Ltd, Surrey, UK


Samsung is perhaps best known for its consumer products such as mobile phones, digital cameras and TVs but the company is in fact extremely diverse with  businesses and operations in many markets. One such business is Samsung Techwin, with a history of providing industrial and high-precision products Samsung Techwin has invested heavily into the European professional security marketplace over the past 18 months and as such is one of the fastest growing security brands
operating within Europe.

We asked James Smith, European Marketing Manager of Samsung Techwin to provide an overview on how recent advances in CCTV technology can help security  managers at ports and terminals to combat the ongoing threat of criminal and terrorist activity.


Despite security being high on the agenda at ports and terminals, in today’s tough economic climate, budgets for new electronic security systems may be  overstretched. Fortunately technology has come to the rescue in the form of increased value to the end-user and what we have seen is the price of CCTV reduce significantly over the last two years, whilst at the same time performance and functionality has improved beyond all recognition.

Thermal imaging cameras

There was a time when thermal imaging cameras had to be used sparingly as they were too expensive to use in large numbers and yet they can be an extremely  valuable surveillance tool. Unlike traditional cameras which rely on light to see images, thermal imaging cameras pick up heat signatures of objects and so are naffected by extreme conditions such as complete darkness, harsh weather, bright lights, fog and smoke. This makes thermal imaging cameras suitable for use in a wide range of high security environments such as coastlines and ports where effective detection is critical.

Fortunately, advances in technology have resulted in competitively priced thermal imaging cameras becoming available and clients now have a wide choice to choose from. Our own STC-14 camera can, for example, detect up to a distance of 360 metres, weighs a mere 2kg and is supplied in an IP66 rated weatherproof housing.

Reduced installation and operational costs

Technology such as Super Noise Reduction (SSNR) is now available which eliminates image noise in low light conditions without creating ghosting or smear. By doing so, SSNR can reduce the costs of CCTV by saving up to 70 per cent of hard disk recording space whilst maximising bandwidth when viewing or recording over a network.

Investment in R&D has also resulted in the recent introduction of cameras and fixed domes, which provide a cost-effective solution to the challenge of transmitting high quality video over unshielded twisted pair wiring.

Unshielded twisted pair wiring is less expensive and easier to work with than standard cabling especially as all video, data and power can be sent down a single cable. Other manufacturers are offering a similar solution but in the case of Samsung Techwin we have two fixed cameras and three fixed dome cameras which all have built-in UTP transmitters to deliver high-resolution video over distances of up to 1.5 km. Power can also be sent up to one kilometre when used with an SUJ-800 power and video distribution unit.

Coaxial control offering convenience aswell as cost savings

There is also now the potential of further real cost savings by utilising control of CCTV cameras via coaxial cables. A variety of our cameras, speed domes and digital video recorders are now compatible with the industry standard Pelco C coaxial control protocol. As a result, both video and telemetry control can be transmitted via  coaxial cables. This gives users full control of camera functions as well as access to set-up menus via a digital video recorder from the convenience of a control room. As well as a reduction in cabling costs there is also the opportunity for existing equipment to be upgraded quickly and easily.

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