Security is more than badge-swiping Guard System provides all-in-one security solution



Simon Bowe, DAP Technologies, Abingdon, UK


Historically, computer hardware and software solutions have helped drive productivity in ports, airports, and rail yards. But productivity alone is not enough. Now Port Managers face issues of security, controlled access, and identity verification. With more than three decades of success in engineering computer solutions, DAP Technologies has risen to the challenge to make access control easier and data more reliable.

The “bad guys” are cracking the system
While it may seem like breaking through sophisticated security systems is a storyline right out of Hollywood, the unfortunate reality is that real “bad guys” are finding new and creative ways to access restricted areas. No longer is a simple badge-swipe enough to prove that the badge-holder is, in fact, the person to be allowed entry into a controlled area. This creates security issues in ports throughout the world.

DAP Technologies has engineered solutions to help PortManagers stay ahead of the bad guys. Unique identification (ID) validation tools were added to the CE3240B lightweight handheld computer. Already ultra-rugged and rated to IP-65 for rain and humidity, this computer’s new features are so well-suited for access control that it’s been christened the “Guard System”.

Guard System ensures reliable access control
DAP’s Guard System provides advanced ID validation tools that will help create a more secure port. The BackPack and TopCap allow users to customise their system with a variety of credential readers, such as a 1D/2D bar code scanner, magnetic stripe reader, and smart card reader – contact or contactless. In fact, it can be configured to read any ID card or machine-readable travel document. Also available are SAM Card slots, an OCR Imager, and one of the best fingerprint readers in the industry – at 500 dpi, biometric authentication is easy. The system operates reliably in extreme temperatures, and added connectivity is available through GPS, Wi-Fi, and Wireless WAN and LAN.

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