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Gallagher Security Management Systems, Hamilton, New Zealand


PowerFence™ Trophy FT integrates the unique advantages of advanced PowerFence™ perimeter security with the sophisticated security integration platform provided by Cardax FT.

The integrated solution enables sites to manage system-wide security through one management platform, through a single user interface.

Dave Bentley, General Manager Europe for Gallagher Security Management Systems, the manufacturer of both systems, believes it is a world first. PowerFence™ systems are non-lethal electric fence systems designed to both deter and detect would-be intruders.

They have been proven over more than 20 years and installed on a wide variety of sites from general commercial to high grade defence sites.

Cardax systems too have been designed and developed over more than 20 years.

The latest technology platform, Cardax FT, is a Microsoft® Windows® based security system now extending beyond its description as an electronic access control and intruder alarm system.

The integrated solution became available with the release of Cardax FT v5.02 and new PowerFence™ Trophy FT Fence Controllers and Keypads in September 2006.

High Level Integration with PowerFence™ Trophy FT means that perimeter security is now fully supported in the Cardax FT system.

PowerFence™ Trophy FT Fence Controllers, Keypads and Fence Zones are all directly configured in the Cardax FT Command Centre, the management system.

Cardax FT events and alarms, alarm instructions and action plans are established for perimeter security, for example, intruder detection on individual Fence Zones.


All the extensive features of Cardax FT Command Centre are available…

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