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Samalaju Industrial Park: Using Renewable Energy to Handle Bulk

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Author(s): Daniel Mahr, Energy Associates, P.C., USA

Malaysia’s SCORE initiative is developing hydro-electric power, as an economical and reliable source of renewable energy. SCORE’s Samalaju Industrial Park is a greenfield development that hosts major
international companies in the specialty metals and petrochemical industries.

They are fundamental parts of the energyintensive manufacturing process for aluminum, high-strength steels, plastics/vinyl, and other products. These process and manufacturing industries require large tonnages of a multitude of inbound raw materials and produce outbound bulk commodities and semi-finished products. To maintain continuous and reliable plant operations, they are rightly concerned about the availability, quality-integrity, and security of their inventory of these commodities.

That was the challenge for developing the Samalaju Industrial Port, which is adjacent to and serves the industrial park…

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