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Case Study: RTG Automation for Every Unique Terminal

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Author(s): Thomas Gylling, Global Automation Sales Manager, Konecranes Port Cranes, Hyvinkää, Finland

The mega-ships are here and the pressure to accommodate them is mounting in container terminals, including terminals with manned RTG yard operations. Automation can be a long-term answer to the mega-ship question, and today, automation features can be introduced to increase the productivity of manned RTG operations. Konecranes has an increasing number of RTG customers that are exploiting automation technology to increase the productivity and safety of their manned yard operations. This article presents three of them.

Case Study 1: DP World Yarimca, Turkey

DP World is investing strongly in its Yarimca Container Terminal in Turkey. Konecranes is delivering 18 RTG cranes to Yarimca, equipped with an array of automation features that will boost the productivity of manned RTG operations in the container yard.  

Real-time RTG position

Accurate measurement of RTG position and heading in real-time is the starting-point for many automated functionalities for manned cranes, and a prerequisite for unmanned equipment automation. With these measurements online, the positions of the RTGs and their subsidiary parts, such as the steel structures and spreaders, can be tracked precisely and the location information can be recorded.

The location information in turn is used by other automation features which fully or partially automate crane motions such as gantry travel and trolley travel. This in turn enables the automation…

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