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Rotterdam Port: Port-Maps Let the Outside in

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Author(s): Herman Meijer, Data Management Manager, The Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands

PortMaps is the Port of Rotterdam’s GISbased system for sharing port-related information. The home page of this system displays itself as a map of Rotterdam and all port data can be accessed from here. We believe that a spatial approach like this – à la Google – is definitely the way forward.

More or less everyone understands a geographical map. In hindsight from our digital age, the geographical map is a very logical choice in mapping out one’s terrain.

But before you take that step you have actually spent quite a bit of time thinking the coordinates through. PortMaps solves this as it is a combination of a spatial geo system, SAP software and a SharePoint document management system that brings together all the documents in one, thereby drastically upgrading the traditional map.

Rather than search through folder directories with all sorts of different files, users can now review, share and analyse information via a map of the Rotterdam port area. Further, due to the port’s large surface area and all the industrial and transport activities that take place here, the Port of Rotterdam deals with a huge number of stakeholders. Maps play an important role in this context, providing insights into themes such as environmental issues, noise pollution, safety and accessibility. In addition, they offer a clearer overview of the port’s complex infrastructure.

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