Reduction of Air Emissions through Public-Private Partnerships



Lisa Wunder, Marine Environmental Manager, Port of Los Angeles


At the Port of Los Angeles (POLA), air pollution from port-related operations is at its lowest in more than 12 years, while container volumes are at an all-time high. Much of this progress is the direct result of public agencies and private industry working together to develop and deploy clean technology and practices for moving cargo more efficiently.

POLA strengthened these partnerships under the Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP), which was developed with the Port of Long Beach, as well as other programmes for reducing air pollutants from mobile sources. POLA’s emissions inventories validate the dramatic results of all these efforts: a 57% reduction in oxides of nitrogen (NOx), an 87% reduction in diesel particulate matter (DPM), and a 98% reduction in oxides of sulfur (SOx) from ships, trucks, trains, harbour craft, and cargo handling equipment since the baseline year of 2005.

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