Reduce damage and increase productivity with an extra set of eyes for the crane driver



Maksim Mihic, Manager, Engineering & Maintenance, DP World (Canada) Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada, & David G. Stocker, Technology Leader – Crane Systems, TM GE Automation Systems LLC, Roanoke, Virginia, USA


As container ship size grows with each new manufactured generation, so too must the ship-to-shore gantry cranes that service them, and crane speeds must increase accordingly to maintain container-handling productivity.

As a result, drivers of the newest mega-cranes have an especially challenging task. Their visibility is impaired due to the sheer size of the machines and the distances involved, and many distractions vie for their attention, as they must maintain responsibility for the operation of these larger and faster machines.

In response to these challenges, TMEIC GE developed the Maxview Smart Landing™ system, which acts as an extra set of eyes for the driver in this busy operating environment.

The smart landing system protects the crane, container load and vessel without reducing operational productivity. It is especially effective at preventing damage to the crane spreader, which common industry experience indicates is the root cause of up to 50 percent of crane downtime.

Preventing high-speed landings
The smart landing system prevents high-speed landings during container pick-up and drop-off, thereby eliminating a major cause of spreader damage. High-speed landings of heavily loaded containers are especially severe. Such landings impart an enormous amount of energy into the crane structure through the lifting system of the spreader, head-block and wire ropes. This energy transfer causes damage well beyond the spreader into the remainder of the crane structure, such as wire rope snags at the time of impact, and long-term damage due to the resultant cumulative stress on the crane structure.

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