Progressing the Ai-enabled digital twin: empowering ports



Dr. Rafiq Swash, CEO and Founder, Aidrivers Ltd


Speaking to PTI, Dr. Rafiq Swash, CEO and Founder, Aidrivers, highlighted the transformative effects autonomous driving and Ai-enabled digital twin insights can provide for ports and terminals.

A digital twin is a digital representation, or ‘twin’, of a physical object with the real world behaviour achieved using Ai based true cognitive or system can take whole components of a physical entity – such as a port complex or terminal – and virtually map that body into a 3D interface or provide organised datasets for the user. Aidrivers combines that visualised technology with any operative object in a terminal yard to provide huge benefits to the end user.

Dr. Swash brings his expertise on connectivity, scalability, and the sky-high potential for the company following Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s visit to Aidrivers offices earlier this year.

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